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The prototype for today’s Mogensen Sizer was built in 1947 and had incorporated sloping screen decks in its design. Two important principles formed the basis for this revolutionary innovation:


1. Differently sized particles have different probabilities of passing through a screen cloth, even when smaller than the mesh openings of the screen cloth.

2. Sloping the angle of each screen deck provides for a better screening effect and increases the capacity of
a specific area.

These ideas have naturally developed and adapted to meet modern requirements. New patents for an integrated feeder and an elliptical motion of movement result in refined screening technology in our product solutions.



Effective feeding

The manner in which the feed material is added to the active screening surface is crucial to achieving optimum capacity and separation.

In many cases, the screens are fed with a pulsating and poorly distributed flow. This makes for a low screening capacity per square meter of screening surface and the screens have to be disproportionately large.

With an integrated feeder from Mogensen, the material is evenly distributed and pre-segregated, making the screen more effective, smaller in size, and therefore less expensive.



Elliptical movement

Screening machines, screening equipment and vibrating screen for fractioning and bulk material handlingThe idea behind Mogensen’s elliptical movement is to create an uneven screening motion that can be varied as required. In the screen cloth’s beginning section, the motion of the elliptical movement is extremely powerful, while the remaining screen surface has a more normal,
or linear, motion.

This efficiently reduces blockage and layer formation on the screen surface.




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