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Spare parts for screening machines

Well-designed, hard-wearing details that increase operational dependability.



For more information, please contact Kristina.

Kristina Jonsson - Service & Spare Parts

Phone +46 (0) 503-323 58




Below, you'll find more informaton that can be helpful when ordering spare parts. If possible, please state the machine number when ordering. You can find this in the manual or on a sign on the machine.


The spare parts list

In the manual that accompanied the machine, you can find a spare parts list that is unique for your machine, which can be of help when ordering. There you can find what parts were mounted in the machine at the delivery, number of pieces and article numbers.


When ordering, please always let us know if you have a long deck machine (SEL) and/or if the machine is fitted with wear protection.


About our screen cloths


Why choose original screen cloths?


Service becomes more efficient

It is usually advantageous to have the same supplier of machine and spare parts, so that possible disturbances can be remedied by one company, instead of several


Constant function and undisturbed production

Original screen cloths maintain the screening properties from the delivery of the machine.


The right screen cloth in the right place

Our screen cloths, up to 10 mm aperture, have a punched marking on both end laps, to simplify identification.

Dokument i pdf-format Download an explanation to our screen cloth descriptions


Proper tensioning is simplified

Our system for tension and supervision is adapted to the material, the mesh aperture, the mesh shape and the wire diameter of our original screen cloths.


No leakage

Our rubber edgings have a special profile and are also available for high temperatures.


Well stocked spare parts store

Our delivery times are usually very short.

Dokument i pdf-format Download a list of our current range of screen cloths.


Wear protection

Machines that handles wearing materials can be equipped with wear protections, e. g. rubber. Every machine model has a unique set of wear protection. When replacing the wear protections, it is important that you give us the number of your machine in order to get the right parts.

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Fractioning, vibrating screen, screening machines, bulk material handling and screening equipment.




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