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Bulk material handling


Colour sorter

A device which separates a mix of objects or grains into groups according to their colour. Example: separating coloured glass from transparent.



Process to increase the proportion of desirable material by the separation of the undesirable material.





A cleaning process in which dust and other fine impurities are removed. Dedusting can be accomplished both by pneumatic means and by dry screening.


Dewatering screen

A screen used for the separation of water from solids.


Dry screening

Screening of relatively dry material.



Drying is a process in which thermic energy vaporizes moisture mixed or bound in the product.


Fine screening

Screening of small grains. Fine screening is often carried out at the end of a process to produce the final products. Cf: screening.



A device for separating material into groups according to particle size.


Screen cloth


Screen sizing

Separating various-sized grain into portions, by a screen or sieve. Also called screening; sizing.


Screening, sizing, size separation

1. The separation of solid materials of different sizes by causing one component to remain on a surface provided with apertures through which the other component passes.
2. Use of one or more screens (sieves) to separate particles into defined sizes. Also called sizing.


Screening machine

An apparatus having a shaking, oscillatory, or rotary motion, used for screening or sifting of material; usually bulk.


Screening plant

1. the machinery equipment, used in an industrial manufacturing process to separate material into groups according to grain size.
2. position where an industrial screening process takes place; a screening house.


Shaker conveyor

A chute of steel which with the assistance of vibrations transports a material; usually bulk material.



To separarate material into groups according to grain size.



Equipment used to separate material into groups according to grain size



Product name of the screening machine developed by Fredrik Mogensen AB.
See also: sizing



The removal of irregularities in the materialflow, usually irregular coarser grains.


Wet screening

Screening of wet material, for example a slurry. See also: screening.


Vibrating screen

A screen with which vibration assigns movement to the material and in this way increases efficiency and capacity.


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